Dog Clothing Company makes tie-dyed dog bandanas dyed from home! Each bandana is dyed in a different pattern so that no two are the same! Each product picture you see is unique and once it is sold will be replaced by another. Flaws and imperfections are part of the design, they are not meant to be perfect but a one of a kind tie dyed bandana. Currently we do not take requests on patterns… maybe in the future!

After the bandanas are dyed they are hand washed twice to help prevent colors from fading any further, we cannot guarantee that colors will not rub off or wear away with time, but they shouldn’t. Just be aware we cannot take responsibility for colors coming off. To be on the safe side only use the bandana for the purpose it was intended, the dog! The material is basic bandana that are 100% cotton material. The bandanas should NOT be washed in a machine, and should not be washed with other clothes. Spot clean only!

The bandanas are meant to be lightly tied around a dog for fashion and for fun!

sydney dog

Currently all proceeds will go to buying Old Dog Sydney a new bed for winter! He really wants one! Sydney is a 12 year old Australian Shepherd Mix and he really wants to enjoy this upcoming winter.

This is the fancy bed he wants! Which costs $189 from LLbean, his old bones need some relief =)

Syd will also accept donations that will ONLY go towards the cost of his new bed.





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